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The Annual Introduction Ceremony of the 2016 elected officers was held at the Association on Sunday, January 3, our Senior Elders, officers and members were among the guests. During the ceremony, speeches were performed by our senior officers and the new and former chairmen, encouraging everyone continue to work together and look forward to a more productive year, at the conclusion of the event, all participants were invited to a luncheon at the Far East Café Seafood restaurant.

2016 新舊識員交接典禮


一年一度的新舊職員交接典禮於一月三日 2016 在總公所舉行,當日参加眾多,出席者包括元老,新舊職員等等,會中元老,總長及新舊主席獻上說詞,鼓勵各職員齊心一致,繼績努力,希望在新的一年中能更上一層樓,禮成後所有嘉賓被繳至華埠康年大酒家共進午飧.

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